I can take the precious things

I can take the glittering words from the sharp in your lips

I can take them so high

I can make you so divine

All the things you say get into the verses all the time.

And it's only a little bit strang

All I saw was smoke and steam

And my ashes bit my knees

To get me out. I never thought I'd need you till I started venting lies

Everything I told you made me tougher than before

I thought I was so brave

I thought I was so special

As it turns out what's really amazing is what you have

And I have nothing left

To show for myself.

And every mistake goes unexcused.

It's all our fault and mine

Because now there is nothing unique about me

Because I ;et you get away with forgiving me

And I didn't argue and besides who likes a halfling?

A halfling loves no one

But the ones with the potions

I've been broken

I've been broken in

By you

We play the games

I can beg for competition

I can ask for people to hear me

I can plead acknowledgement

And I can make some but

I thought I could be both things at once

Because mirrors are made

Of silver and quartz, diamond and clocks.

And we've got more lives in the glass than before

Humans are in love with their reflections

And nobody has money and time but we wish

You could say that mirrors give gold

For what they took

They took our original innocence.

So how could we even hold ourselves straight

In front of them? Knowing our imperfection? But we do.

Distantly I can tell you are less out of proportion--large thoughts

And I am mirror pieces because you're human

And the heart is fonder.



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