An Ambitious New Yorker

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 11:09 -- xczeen

I am:


-native to NYC

-intrigued by psychology

-passionate about art and music

-aspiring to make something of myself

-openminded and friendly, but moody

-working on bettering my character


-constantly wanting to meet new people and visit new places

-interested by different cultures


-loyal and warmhearted

-grey eyes that light up when I laugh

-a helping hand to strangers

-a shoulder to cry on for friends

-an ear ready to listen to those ready to speak

-opinionated but not judgemental

-willing to compromise rather than being belligerent


I am an individual who sees things from all perspectives.

I am eager to make an impact, a positive one.

I am an ambitious New Yorker.

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