Ambitious Girl

Ambitious Girl”


I Applaud You Ms. Ambitious,

For Chasing your Dreams,

Instead of chasing those males : who chase these skirts better known as Guys,

Your first priority is Education,

In the back of your mind waits Love ,

Some call you “stuck-up”-even Heartless.

But the correct description is not Heartless,

I have the desire for power the majority call me Ambitious,

A relationship will come one day but for now no Love,

Cause multimillions are in my Dreams,

And the only way in this business is through Education,

Those who try to corrupt this vision will only be forgotten -Guys,.

They have no inspiration towards me-Guys,

So fine let me have the title Heartless,

Because my only friend is Education,

You see my title goes further than Ambitious,

Day and night I’m chasing my Dreams,

Because at the moment I have no time for Love.

A person will lose focus for Love,

The root to Heart-break are Guys,

Nothing is accomplished if the focus is lost-Dreams,

I will accept the title Heartless,

Because once I focus on one thing my name is Ambitious.

My Ambition is my Education.

Unlike most friends school has been here longer for me - Education,

Teens believe pain is Love,

I ignore these emotions because I have no time I’m Ambitious,

I walk pass some of the cutest Guys,

Putting my feelings to the side moreover being Heartless

Because one day my reality will be everything I’ve seen in my Dreams.

Just wait and see my reality will over come my Dreams,

Cause of handwork and Education,

But learn the time and place you should be Heartless,

Because becoming successful needs a dose of Love,

Just think the one you were mean to may be your boss yes that Guy,

Ms Ambitious.


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