Ambition (Poetry Slam)



The strive you have to have to do your dreams ,

While the dollar bill appears and disappears in your wallet,

The scheme, yeah they get you ,

Raise you up then they forget you or have you forgot yourself?

Is the strive for the wealth or for yourself?

Is it the same?

Blue car , red car that’s all they want or see,

Rapping , spitting about a million dollar dream ,

But aren’t dreams free?

Questions I always have stuck in my midbrain , hoping someone will help me ,

Ambition , a state a mind people living in,

Wishing hoping , luckily they will get a chance ,

Most of the times they don’t , but they never stop ,

Time ticking , most of them don’t own a watch ,

Some only dream having a real strive,

And dreams up there imaginary life,

It’s there future…dreaming?

But believing that it can be real ,

What’s reality?

The shows , shows ignorance and fatality,

But there want is to have the world to see it , maybe achieve it

But anyone can get anything if they believe it ,

Ambition , the push that can make you fall ,

Make sure you stand tall , back up your strengths,

You only live life once , but you seem to have many chances to change,

And the pretty girls who get everything just because of there appearance

Has the mirror that lays the truth that there forgetting,

Ambition, the girl that no one knew or wanted to because she wasn’t “right”

Now she’s on tour with Oprah and everyone wants her life,

And everyone knows her name,

Her want came true now her enemies changed ,

To best friends , laughing she can’t see , super blind when life becomes full of cheese ,

Ambition , eight letter word , a verb most people don’t need,

Because they have no ambition to have an ambition to be,

Wanted ? Hated? Free?

Personally , I run for my dreams even though haters I call chasms , always around me,

A smile never buys bottles , but I heard it drives miles,

Ambition it’s the way to live , to show every kid that , that’s

All you need to get what you want and to fulfill your dreams

Ambition, now do you know what it means ?


- Ashlee’ Mchenry



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

let your voice be heard

express yourself proudly

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