Ambiguous Ascenders


I'm a soldier looking down the end of a barrel.I'm not the one holding the weapon.But I know who they are.Someone we were supposed to always trust.No one ever expects to be murdered by our own fathers.I am no exception.Betrayed by those closest. I must ask why? They will not answer.Do you want to hurt me, or someone else?Still not a response.They just continue to point the cold steel tunnel of death at me.Never faltering in his decision.Our fathers have been preparing for quite a while.I look into the cold steel tunnel of death wondering if it will hurt.I'm not the only one on the hit list.Many more will be shot, poisoned, or starved to death. They don't care for your excuses.Only those who can pay their way to the top will live.Us who cannot, do not last long.They tell our families a different story.But it is always for the same selfish reasons.Money; Power; Lust. There are no exceptions.They will tell you something else. But you cannot believe them.Our fathers will tell you whatever they need to justify their sins.These fathers have lost their way much long ago.It all started the day the separated from their parents for the same reason we are mad at them for.Some say we become the things we despise.I agree.They've become askew from their just ideals.Nothing can change this.It will continue till they fall.Some think they will never fall.I disagree.It's much closer than you would ever think.They are slipping, succumbing to the sickness.Madness, distress, sickening, condemnation.They don't know this is what they've been asking for.They are blind.Walking forward blinded.Painting black, thinking it is white,Condemnation follows close.Biding it's time with unequivocal patience The ambiguous actions of the "ascenders" will be our representation.  


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