amateur; in heat

i found home in your heart but it stopped beating

I pounded your chest with fists full of love

I ripped up these new carpets

i hated trying to find something worth fighting for

i set this broken home a light hoping it’d help me fall asleep tonight

i realized how easy it is to fall in love with a flame

i realized when a match lights that bright its bound to go out

i watched our house turn from futures together to ashes of lovers

and oh my sweet lover.

my savory partner

my favorite monsieur

tell me je t'aime once more

i’ll tell you te dua and I’ll be all yours.

your body a blanket over me

am i safe or suffocating

your bicep’s curvature locked in my gaze

am i entranced or entrapped

your lips soft and full, of sweet nothings and kisses on my neck

am i beneath this puppy love or so high from it

your hands wrapped around all that i am

am i yours or am i mine


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