Feeling good,
dreaming high,
aiming strong
am standing tall.
Ready to always go ahead,
making people understand that am fully prepared,
thinking of becoming better than anyone has heard
Am Standing Tall.
Walking care free like a young lad
i dashed my foot and i cried out
with pains within and without.
Am Standing Tall.
He pulled me up
and patted my back.
He encouraged me to carry on.
So am back on my feet and Am Standing Tall!
Now i have all it takes
to prove my worth
and to thread on serpent
Am Standing Tall.
It's time to surpass records
with HIS divine methods
that his against all odds
I Am Still Standing Tall.
With confidence i stamp my authority.
as the son of the Lion Of Judah in his sovereignty.
I've got nothing to fear because am under His Royalty.
I'm Standing Tall.
I'm ready to take the mantle,
to fight the battle,
as the son of the most high.
I Am Standing Tall!!!

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