Am I Okay?

People ask me, "Hey, are you okay?"
I say, "Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

But secretly I know I'm not okay

On the outside, yes I'm grinning and laughing, 

But on the inside...not so much

There's a storm inside of me

Tossing and shaking vigorously, 

Questioning my decisions...

I want to be free of all the thoughts

Inside of me.

I want to stop comparing my looks,

My clothes,

My style.

I am who I am because God made me this way.

I am special in my own way,

Yet I can't seem to stop

It's hard looking in the mirror,

To see myself staring back

My imperfect features show brightly than ever,

I want to be as pretty as Gal Gadot,

Or as skinny as Gemma Ward,

I want to be popular in school

I want to be smart and successful as Steve Jobs,

I don't want to be invisible, 

or be in the shadows anymore,

I want to be somebody else,

That fits all the requirements,

People tell me all the time that

Nobody's perfect...and I see that, 

But what about me? What am I?

I...I don't want to be me anymore,

Am I okay?

No, I'm not okay,

I have many problems,

and imperfections,

I'm not perfect, I'm not recognized,


God made us all special in each way,

God made me this way, and I'm thankful


Of who I was made to be.

I'm me...

And that's okay.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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