Alyssa Milano Sucks

Actress and liberal activist, Alyssa Milano, sucks and I'll tell you why;

She had compared the "Make America Great Again" hats to the Ku Klux Klan hoods and whoever believes her is high.


Milano really sucks and what I'm saying is true;

Calling President Donald Trump a racist is what this Democratic bitch would do.


Milano really sucks and I used to like this girl;

There are idiots like her all over the world.


Milano really sucks because she wanted that dyke, Hillary Clinton, to be the President of the United States;

Milano is a woman that I really hate.


Milano really sucks because she had re-launched the #MeToo movement, which is full of crap;

Milano is also a sap.


Since Milano really sucks, her husband should divorce her and take their children away from her, which would be smart;

Feminism is filled in this skank's heart.


Alyssa Milano sucks and here's something else that I'll tell;

When that sinful bimbo passes away, she'll be rotting in hell.


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