You miss every poem that you don’t write
You miss every battle that you don’t fight
Sometimes it’s ok to miss a thing or two
But I’d never want to miss a birthday for you

Happy birthday Alyson Corey
You angel girl with heart of gold
Another year older another year bolder
I can’t believe that we’re getting old

I remember meeting three years ago now

We’ve grown and we’ve changed though it’s hard to see how.

You’ve taught me to love and how to stay humble.

You’ve helped me stand strong even after I stumble.


I’m so happy that I get to call you my friend

A title I promise to keep until the end

You don’t know the light that you bring to this school

And I’m so glad that we both agree avatar is cool


So happy birthday you star with the style of a queen

With purples and yellows and plenty of greens

I’ve never met someone who’s as kind and as caring

You’re goofy, artistic, and surprisingly daring.


You’re another year older and it’s gone by so fast

Let’s try to make this a semester to last

So go ride the wind with the moon at your feet

And never forget “pterodactyl says YEET!!”



This poem is about: 
My family


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