Always stumbling through life

Always stumbling through our ballad,  


Like the ebonies and ivories

of a keyboard

life merges into one clef.

Only to hear the remains of the chorus.

Accidentals rule supreme like

chaos rules the void.

But a calm follows the storm.

Only to realize it is the rest of the eye.

Like a waltz life has its steps

with its music dictating the tempo.

Only to find itself offkey

as a decrescendo on the scale of time.

Slowly and sharply the beat grows altissimo   

as everyday brings a new challenge.

Losing time, life drags to a flat codetta.

Only to escape through the pizzicato of spontaneity.

The monotonous thump of a metronome

echoes through life.

As Apollo’s lyre brings affetti to life.

Only to see the end of the concerto that is life.

Grand as it may seem

the arietta of life comes to a pianissimo a coda,

as the orchestra lowers their instruments.

Only the dolente note of a clarinet is heard

as the last breath of life disappears into the void.


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