Always on My Mind





Your weight must reflect who you are

Don’t wear this if you are fat

Don’t go to the gym if you are skinny

Eat healthy

But not to healthy

Every day I hear these words

I may be fat

But I am me

I am proud

I am strong

But I am also weak

Why are you sad?

People have it worse than you

Why are you happy?

You just failed a test

I hear these words and I scream

                “Who are you to tell me how to be me?”

I hate hearing people trying to fix me

But I want to be fixed

I hate watching people hate themselves

But I do the same

It makes me mad knowing I cannot do anything

I am one of them

I hate myself most days

I also give into social ways

I know that I shouldn’t

I cannot believe I do

I wish the world was a place where I could always


                Love myself


I wish the world was a better place

So the fat can be fat

So skinny can be skinny

So the tall can be tall

And the short can be short

No social pressure

No more suicide

No more depression

All because of what we look like

No more people telling us what to do

No more people telling us how to do it

I wish the world was a better place

And that is

                Always on my mind


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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