Always Me

(Verse 1)
Doesn't get along with others
Doesn't follow the rules
She's too slow at everything she does
Another letter sent home from school
You'd better have a talk with her about her bad ways
She distracted all of the other kids today

(Verse 2)
She's a distraction to others
They can't consentrate with her in the room
She day dreams and doddles too much
You'd better have a talk with her soon
I gave everyone the lesson and they all understood
All except for your daughter, she didn't act very good

Lying when she says that she paid attention
Lying when she said she wasn't day dreaming in class
If she was being a good girl, she would've understood it too
With that letter from her teacher
She knows that her mother is going to beat her ass
But there's nothing that the poor girl can do

Can't stay out of trouble everywhere she goes
No matter if she's just chillin' by herself somewhere
She knows
That somebody's gonna mess with her
For being different than them
She causes trouble again and again
She attracts trouble to herself
But cries when someone won't leave her be
And every time she gets hurt by someone
She cries and says what it all boils down to is me attracting trouble
I guess it's true what they say
It's always me

(Verse 3)
That body type of hers is way too thin
Are you sure she doesn't have an eating disorder
Because that's what the kids are all saying this week
You'd better go ask your daughter again

(Verse 4)
That's what the teacher told the girl's mother on the phone
And the poor girl got her ass beat when she got home
That leather belt hurts like hell when being whipped
But that's what happens when she starts that shit
By not acting right at school
Having to have the teacher call her mother
Her mother believes everyone but her daughter
Sometimes life can be so cruel

(Repeat Chorus)

I guess some people have good luck so it seems
I never had that good of luck
Just mean people around me who wanted to get mad at me and hit and scream
Maybe I do bring this all to myself
Why should I blame everyone else
They didn't make me dyslexic
They didn't make me the way I am
I was just born with some real fucked up luck
In a society where no one seemed to give a damn

(Verse 5)
It was always about what I had done
Even if someone jumped on me
I knew that the trouble had just begun
Cause I know I was going to get blamed
Cause no matter what, I must've done something
To make that person attack me and call me names

(Repeat Chorus)

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