Always Hope for the Best


During junior year, my struggles were hard but inspiring in a way.
My parents were thinking about a divorce, so they may
Separate. I felt responsible and gave myself a negative label.
One day, I came home frustrated and broke the kitchen table.
My father and mother could not stop fighting at home.
My siblings saw our dad get hit with a wooden comb.
Times were tough, and I STILL did well in school.
I received straight A’s, but to me, that wasn’t cool.
I just wanted my parents to love each other
Instead of experiencing hate and diving for cover.
They obtained a restraining order, and my dad stayed in another house.
I cried endlessly since I had the power of a small mouse.
During this, I was empty on the inside.
My peace was gone, and a part of me died.
Every night I always prayed to God for aid.
My family needed a blessing and could not let the Devil invade.
My dad wanted to be with my mom,
But she was explosive like a bomb.
At a MacDonald’s, they talked about their issues.
Both were crying as my mom reached into her bag for tissues.
Afterwards, there was no more conflict, and the light had finally shined through.
My parents showed their love rather than their blues.
I learned when things go dark, one can’t accept defeat
Because that would be like running a race without moving the feet.
Never give in and hope for the best.
Overcome obstacles and pass any test. 

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