Already Gone

The words they struck me like knives

The melancholy of your dejected life

Your voice it hummed in my ear

As anamnesis of you and I fogged my skull


“He’s dead” the words spattered

As transparent as that.

Dead. Lifeless. Deceased. Erased.


Demons dart through my

Intrusive and devilish curiosities

An enigma, a conundrum, a single question.



To state I recognize your sensitivity

Understatement of the year.

You were my rock

The foundation to my being

You caught me when I fell

And proved I wasn’t abandoned


Where will I turn without the

Glowing mask of reassurance

Gandering down

Upon my tear-soaked eyes


Such a future beyond you,

Such elation and euphoria ahead.

Jubilation and prosperity in your hands.

Spilt to the floor with your beating heart

From cold, stiff hands now lifeless


Awoken from the dream

That there is dignity in the world

That anguish can be obliterated


Incapable of sleep

Sidelined from an apetite,

Thoughts of obscurity and gloom

Consume me from the inside out

By parasites they call heartache


Gone far too promptly

Torn from our grasp

You spurned our support

And spit in the direction of all aid offered


How could you be so naive?

How could you uphold such oblivion?

A hand from every direction,

North, South, East, West,

Awaiting your clench of desperation

Prepared for the road ahead


Closed are your eyes

Closed is my heart

Closed is your coffin

Closed is the door to the rest of your successful life


You slammed that door

You heard it click

You released the knob

From your misfortuned hand


“Suicide!” screamed your mind

“Suicide!” screamed your heart

But “Live!” screamed the hopeful hearts

Still holding on to everything you could be.

But you were already gone.

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MORGANCH15 this poem is amazing. I think a lot of people realize that someone is suicidal when it's way too late. This poem has so much emotion and I really like your use of words. I think we should try to change our reaction time. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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