Alphabet Soup

For those of you who have a BURN BOOK... This is different. Not really.

JS- My first kiss, nice enough kid.

TH- Angry Anakin, such a moodie cutie. Well, Padme didn't stick around.

NK- Archery lessons, Awkward twister, and you STILL like Twilight! Who knows?

LM- WHY. WHY? You don't even LOOK like Daniel Radcliffe!

TM- But... we went to see the Whale Sharks! HOW did we never become a thing?

CH- Okay FINE, I did think you were cute-ish. But I never get a word in edgewise.

IM- Drawing portraits of each other- how could I NOT have a crush?? (Gorgeous btw)

PL- I respected her opinion too much. "I'm so sorry"- Frank (Donnie Darko)

DB- I bet we would have been a stressed-out pair, you drama queen! :P

BC-  Did you strike a bet with D or something?

JM- Such indecision, just date the cute Merida-lookalike. I'm not mad about it.

JC- Yeah, my note-passing was TOTALLY platonic (eye-roll)

ED- Even I can't help you solve problems that you don't realize you have! :(

EM- With that hair and incredible cranium underneath, you're flawless. No living up to that.

DM- Yes, you probably were a Time Lord in a past life. Spoilers ;)

RO- Can't you just TELL me you like guys instead of leading me on? THANKS.

BG- Do you wanna build a DeathStar?? x)

BM- No, I can NEVER take you seriously. Your initials say it all, dear.

NF- Well, the CIA is a big deal I guess...

AM- Good morning, love! 



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