An Alpha No Longer Hidden: What Poetry Taught Me

Poetry taught me to express myself

A gift that I hid away

Not knowing how much I needed it.

When you're taught to hide your emotions.

You hide from everything.

Poetry is now a necessity

Because I have lost someone.

Who was close to my heart

And now in her absence

I have discovered.

"Don't let those boys push you around."

"Show them who you are."

"Don't lay down. Be the alpha." 

"You're my shining star."

She gave me the gift of expression


She showed me how to write

How to express myself

All my emotions 

Spilled ink on paper



Never hold back

Now she's gone

But I have the poems

I have a gift

A gift of extraordinary power.

Something you can't take away.

I will use that power

To show you who I am.



That's who I used to be. 

Not anymore. 

She said I was an alpha

Not to be submissive

To show you who I was.

I will not let her down. 


You have to see the real me.



An alpha

Angry from being hidden away

Afraid to express myself

Because I was afraid of you

Afriad of what you'd do 

If I showed you the real me.

I used to hide from you

Let you take control

Not anymore

Now I will stand 

Proud of who I am

Head held high

Eye to eye

You will face me

And whatever comes

Whatever you say





I am an alpha

And I will not

Remain hidden.

This is what I've written

Because I was given the gift of expression. 


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