The Alpha


How can we say farewell to he of alpha breed
Who never came fourth with a selfish act of need?
For this white wolf was strong as could be.
Now finally the great wolf is set free.

We could not feel his pain
For no other could bear it.
Yet through the sorrowful rain
The wolf still shared his humorous wit.

His fearful cubs watched in pride.
For no other could have fought the fight,
Or loved with such love during a horrified ride.
His love as a father was my light.

When his final hours were nigh
We could not all help but cry,
For we had to say good-bye
And let that beautiful soul fly.

But while sick in bed he lie,
The Great He gave His try
And held him tight; He would not let him die.
Now they both lie in the Kingdom High.

How selfish the request of thee
Who wished him not an Earthly flee.
For can’t you see?
He now lives in perfect eternity.

He who never gave into fear
We must remember he is always near
For we are the ones he holds dear.
His love for us is so very clear.

Now I say it to be.
How can we say farewell to he of alpha breed?
The answer is simple you see.
There is no need.


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