Alone In A Crowd

He couldn't see we weren't close

He only tried to play the role

She didn't see the pain I felt

She attempted to bribe me into guilt


They all did the same to me and in the end, I was left out

When you grow up alone in a crowd, you get used to relying on yourself

When you turn and see hundreds of empty people who can't even remember your name

That's when I lost expectations and made some realizations


Alone in a crowd called my siblings but pen and paper were more stable

Pen became my counselor and paper was my medicine 

My thoughts became my friends and they never tried to change me

Writing was my drug and I got addicted to it's feeling


He tried to say the past is the past

He didn't realize the years that have passed

She suddenly lost the memory of the neglect she inflicted

She couldn't come to terms with the thought of her belittling 


They both only saw the life they lived in the crowd

But still alone in a crowd, I cried and cried

Years and years with ghoastly shadows lurking on my every move

Appearing to care but not for reality 


Alone in a crowd is where I met poetry

Alone in a crowd as a child without

I found a safe haven which led me to an out

They did so little for me but I gained so much 


Sometimes being alone in a crowd helps you find your life

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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