At first everything was bright and sunny,

No one knew, but you started to grow a tummy,

The three of us were there for eachother,

That was until you became a mother,

We were still there but you pushed us away,

We did everything we could to make you stay,

I guess it was my fault to believe,

You would stay because everyone leaves.

So it was just us,

You became the only one I trust,

I thought you’d always be there tomorrow,

But I knew our time was only borrowed,

Your mom said Texas had more opportunities,

But I can tell you right now you won’t find this sense of community

And it sometimes feels like this pain with never ease,

But don’t worry I’ll get used to it, because everybody leaves

So now it’s just me,

Sitting here with pain that nobody can see,

I thought this job might make it okay,

But the pain just gets worse the longer I stay,

I made some new friends,

But we all knew that would have an end,

Because we all have to grow,

Before we just become stuck in the snow,

So now I guess you can see,

That everyone will leave.


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