I can feel their love, feel

how much they care. Yet,

is it enough to keep me from the thoughts

that lurk in the back of my mind, swiming in the

pool of insecurites, splashing its poisonous water

into the pure lake of my confidence.


Am I strong enough to handle another heart

break? Am I strong enough to be alone again?

Will I be cursed to walk this earth with this pit of 

nothing in my chest?


The tears in my eyes continue to spill down my face in

a never ending flow, filling the room, soon I shall be lost

to the liquid of my pain. The pain that has taken root long ago, buried

so deep, the strongest machine cannot unearth them. They tangle themselves 

with my fear. The fear of being left floating in the vast nothingness

that surrounds us.


Will my fears come alive? Will I be left alone in this room of salt,

marinating in the endless pain?



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