If you're physically sick, do you have to participate in class?

No, You can simply sleep on your desk.  

If you have broken a leg, do you have to run?

No, you can sit out and watch. 


If you have anxiety, do you have to particpate anyways?

Yes, your well-being doesn't matter. 

If you have self-inflicted injuries, do you have to hide them?

Yes, you'll be ridiculed if you don't. 


If you're being bullied, what can you do?

Tell the administration?

Ask teachers for help?

No, they can't help you. 


If you have a complaint about something, does it get fixed?

No, you get told to deal with it. 

If there's a problem you need dealt with, can you get help?

No, there's other more important things, 


I'm not the only one who sees these problems. 

I'm not the only one who deals with mental limitations, 

I'm not the only one who deals with bullies. 

I'm not the onlt one who has legitimate needs. 


Why don't we get the help we need?

Why don't we get the help we deserve?

Aren't we just as good as the "normal" people?  

We're just as important. 


Who will help those without a voice?

Who will help those who can not stand?

Who will help those with struggles?

Who will help me?


It seems that there is no one. 

It seems that we are alone. 

We'd be judged for saying these things. 

We're just "seeking attention."


These are the things we must keep secret.

 These are the things we can not say. 



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