I'm walking through the halls,

crowded on all sides,

I can't breath,

I can't talk,

I just move,

but I'm not moving,

I'm never moving,

others are,

all around me,

am I real?

is this happening?

what's going on?

This is my every day,

I don't know,

I don't understand,

I'm not here,

I'm no where,

No one gets it,

I'm surrounded,

but I'm not,

this isn't real,

wake up,

this isn't real,

help me,


I'm fine,

this isn't real,

I'm okay,

I swear,


What is this?

Did you hear that?


This isn't real,

I'm alone,

I think I am,

I don't understand,

did you get that?

I'm not real,

I'm a computer program,

or something,

I don't know anymore,

I just know I'm alone,

I think I am,



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