Alone some feel when their mother dies. The cold shameless, white body that lies stiff before them.The trailing tears, that flow from her victims eyes, the witnessOf the tragic loss.  Imagine, this is you. And these are the people that at one point you called friends."Look at you, slouched in your chair, like an old woman morning,Crying....."they say as they laugh This angers you so you walk away.They fallow, and repeat the harsh words that cut so deep, the wordsOf "fagot, motherless, cheep, alone..."This tares your hart out as if it were nothing. But a warn out, lively tool. Your mind, is growing a new meaning of friendship one of, trust no oneSee nothing, hear nothing, and do nothing.Then you become like the grass, just standing there. waving but not knowing what you are waving at, the settle wind trashing you around, the occasional shoe stepping on you and leaving you broken, bleeding, and slowly dying. Until, your beaten to the point of not feeling pain, or anything. Just think your 'friend' companion, is the one slowly killing you. With words, and false emotions. Slowly killing you with hatred, and deception.But as you lie so comfortably on your death bed let me ask you this.... Are you comfortable, are you okay?Do you need water, food, blankets...."I'm your friend, you can tell me anything." I say with my fingers crossed behind my back; so you can't see the lies I fill you with. You ask for my ears, and I listen; you ask for my mouth to never open, But it dose;You ask for my hands to never swing, but they continue;You ask for me to apologize, but I'm far to late when I do. For you have diminished into a price of grass, that I have murdered with words, and actions. So now, I tell you...all of you, with your broken heart, mind, and sole.. My friend that bares me no longer. comeback, I'm sorry, forgive me before I perish.As you have, like the strand of grass in my hand.The motionless body before me, forgive me.For I am being punished for what I have done.  and now I'm no my death bed, I am alone with not a sole to comfort me.To help me along, my dieting days.With no one to sing with me, dance, play. Oh, forgive me my friend, for I am alone. 

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