Almost love

I sat out of Rite -Aid and cried my eyeballs out . 

I never wanted this. 

I never wanted you to put one finger on me 

let alone , this. 

I told you I wasn't ready

for an intimate relationship 

how could I possibly be ready

for a child?  

Mind spinning, 

breaths thinning, 

you sinning, 

creating a new beginning. 

Evil grinning, 

half assed pinning 

as you enter the car again. 

You hand me a box enitlted 

Plan B. 

You open the box for me and 

place the pill in my hand. 

Even though I was freaking out 

I don't know if I should do this, 

this small pill that could take away my child, 

that could change me from 

high school dropout to valedictorian, 

heart racing, 

brain pacing, 

Morality of erasing, 

A human life ? 

Thoughts chasing 

the decision facing 

mentally tracing 

what could be done to keep you? 

Content replacing 

fear, embracing 

the unknown, interlacing 

it with love,  then erasing 

you as a mistake...

You are not a mistake. 

You are mine. 

You are mine. 

You are mine. 

I will protect you. 

You are mine. 

He is getting impatient 

I give him a side glance and he 

puts the pill in my mouth 

holds a bottle of water to my lips 

as I drink. 


I'm am so sorry. 

You were mine.





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