Almost Christian

Almost Christian

Some mere mortals exist yet from a plated glass
they live by sight not of faith at all.
looking back at the world for comfort & pleasure
Basking in the vast array of sin. self & Satan

yet once they were moved even active in ministry
ever since that day they have fallen away
today they question the existence of their maker
making him appear as a caped crusader

they are the almost Christian my friend
on the day of judgement they will cry out, "Lord, Lord"
they were never really attached to his vine
there heart his far from there maker

yet he has given then enough time to believe
to repent & fall down at the knee
what is my heart felt one last plea ?
Return to your first love with a full heartfelt commitment

Serve the king of kings and the Lord of Lord's
each moment embrace the wonder of the cross
before it's to late leading to a tragic loss

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