Almighty Words


United States
47° 6' 50.0976" N, 122° 46' 15.1788" W

I write poetry
I write my life
I write extraordinary tales
Why do I write?

I write because I love words
Each has a legacy of its own.
Words are very powerful
Much more than sticks and stones.

Words come in many forms
Either be Latin, English, or Greek
They do not even need letters to exist
All they need is someone who can freely think.

They may be texts in a paper
But words are special, more than you think
They bring down empires
The make us stand on our feet

Words bring life to an imagination
They tell full truth, or they tell lies.
They bring justice, they bring to light
They strike fear into the corrupt man's eyes.

Do not underestimate my philosophy
For only a brief time, have a little coherence.
And remember one important thing
Words are the most powerful weapon in existence.


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