All you need is you

"Why are you crying," he asked, as she splayed out on the ground.

"I never saw this coming, I always thought he would be around."

"Believe in yourself, child, that is all that you need.

The side that controls your heart is the side that you feed."


"You don't need him, and you don't need me, all you need is you"


"So I took his words to heart, and here I am now, a little stronger than I was before.

My heart had been hurt, still it came as a surprise, that it would be hurt some more."

"Stand up," he said, two little words, as he left me to go back to his home.

He picked me off the ground, said I was not alone, even though he knew in his heart

I could make it on my own.


"You don't need him, and you don't need me, all you need is you."


We laughed as we sat there; our legs crossed our hands folded.

Neither was quite the image the other person had moulded.

There was a certain absurdity of us being here like this.

Out of all the people, it was us in this human abyss.


His deep brown eyes did not hesitate to stare.

And I could tell when we talked, there was something there.

Our friendship was unique, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other.

Not a friend, not a lover, not a father, not a brother, not a mother.


Although we sat in the shade, the sun had started to set.

And our eyes were filled with wonder at the person we each met.

He was dressed in black, and so was I.

The feelings we had were more than the stars in the sky.


“You don’t need him, and you don’t need me, all you need… is you.”


He reminded me of the guys you read about in stories.

Smelling of wine, I appeared his Dolores.

People would be looking for him, but he showed me an idea.

Maybe what I needed wasn’t eros, but philautia.


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