To all you Dreamers

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 11:31 -- fiction

To what end does the dreamer toil?
Wrapped in the works of deeds never done, lands never reached.
As your fingers numb and time slips,
why do you sit with a smile on your lips?

Invisible is my art, as is my mind
But action is not built on air.
Without dreams your deeds will never be done,
Lands will never be reached.

So hail all you unseen dreamers!
With fire in our minds we drive forward into twilight secrets,
Planting the seeds of laughter and progress.
After all action is built on ideas.

To what end does the dreamer toil?
To every end.
As my fingers numb, and time slips,
I stand victorious with a smile on my lips.



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