Of all the world we


Of all the world we live in and all the time we have been given,

we have yet to find our sage.

Lack of wisdom, originality, kindness, and individuality

and way to much consumption in this day of age.

the kookabura sat in his ol' gum tree, eating all the gum drops he could see,

although he never offered, i was never bothered that he wouldn't save some for me. 

Of all nature willing to give, the humans take until it ceases to live, how can we be involved in such tragedy?

What we need is a leader, one to save the Earth

but how can we find someone capable of such worth?

They would need to be headstrong, know what is right from wrong

willing to go the distance despite the cost.

I challenge you, do your best not to consume, and see if you really need what is lost. 

We can work together to create a natural place, 

one without pollution, poverty, or hate.

If we each add one friend to our mission, we can complete it in a haste. 

we can move country to country and sea to sea, removing all of the waste. 

so be my partner so we can save time, 

lets get rid of all of human being crime. 

we can live in a world with joy and laughter, no hurt or disdain and everyone will be happier. 



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