To All Who've Seen the Dark

Blackness, blackness, blackness- would you imagine my mind is just as black

As my shoes and my clothes and my eyes and my hopelessly dark arm hairs.

It’s true, and isn’t it an absolute tragedy!

Why should a young woman like myself dress like a certain Transylvanian count?

Why, it absolutely sucks the life out of a room- pun intended.

I have no inclination to create a lie about myself.

Therefore, I must live up to my macabre, blatant eye makeup.

Ask me about serial killers, deadly diseases,

Ask me about the illuminati and its dangers to society,

And please let me tell you about the atrocities of humanity.

Darling, there are worse things in the world than seeing evil,

And that is refusing to see it, refusing to acknowledge it.

Being in the dark without seeing the dark,

Ah the irony.

This is addressed to all who've seen the dark:

“The light brought the dark.

The bulb casts no light.

Everything is shadowed-

The dominion of the night.

More, the light illuminates

The presence of a darkness,

The nightness makes the brightness

Into darkness, into starkness.

And the sun brings no heat

And the world is dull and cold

And everything is dead

Since its light’s become so bold.

And everyone is pallid

And everyone is frail

And everyone is dying

And the sun shines without fail.

Would you put it out, please, sir?

Would you snuff that fabulous flame?

Please sir, grant me sweet mercy,

And make me blind again!”


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