All Those Things

Time flies by as you stare at her

Wondering why such a maiden is too good to be true.

Her lips, and smile, her laugh and her hair,

All those things you fell in love with, didn't you?


Her waist, her neck and everything in between, 

All those things made her look like a queen.

The way she talks, the way she walks, 

Made her shine like a diamond, unique from other rocks. 


You know everyone else wants her beauty,

All those things made them fall in love with her too.

However you are the lucky one, 

You tried to get her attention and you won.


You, her and everything else felt perfect,

All the efforts you made for her, she did not reject.

All those things you did for her, she loved,

You are hers, and she is your beloved.


While all these things were going on, 

All your attention, to her they were drawn.

You have a girl at home, but her you chose to forget,  

You did her wrong, neglect, reject, disrespect.



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