all that's left

For sale, for sale! Anise, achiote, arrowroot powder!

For sale, for sale! Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, caraway seeds!

-cinnamon, citrus, cocoa, and cumin!

For sale! Lime, lavender, lemongrass!

For sale, for sale! pepper, paprika, poppies!

It all must go. 


For sale, for sale! Only the rarest most beautiful things.

For sale, for sale! The Queen of the Night, plucked in her prime.

-juliet roses, ghost orchids, lady slippers, fire lilies.

For sale! Fresh Tayabak from the Philippines!

For sale, for sale! Middlemist Reds, white lotuses, snowdonia hawkweed.

Only fresh today.


For sale, for sale! The most mythical things to ever exist. 

For sale, for sale! The wings of a fairy, perfectly preserved.

-dragon scales, mermaid fin, unicorn horn, a werewolf's tooth.

For sale! The deadly Basilisk's venomous tail!

For sale, for sale! Manticore spines, chimera claws, hippogriff wings. 

It all must go.


For sale, for sale! The most wondrous things that money can't buy.

For sale, for sale! The genuine forgiveness after a wrongdoing.

-dust of dreams, sparkle of eyes, genuine smiles, near silent secrets slipped to ears.

For sale! The sweet, simplistic hand-holding on the playground!

For sale, for sale! Freedom from pain, true love's kiss, stargazing, clear blue skies.

Only fresh today.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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