All Students Need an Education

All students need an education.

All students deserve an education,

Provided by teachers who care

And an education system who shares

Its wealth with its students.


More money should be spent on books.

More money should be spent in the classrooms.

Sports are important, and they may provide scholarships,

But those only go out to a few students,

What about the others?


Higher education is expensive.

High school students spend more time working to pay for college

Than they do reading assignments,

Not to mention the after school activities.

And who knows what happens at home after the bell rings.


The classroom needs to become more creative.

It needs to become a place of learning again.

The classroom needs to stop focusing so much on standardize testing;

It needs to bring back the students’ desire to learn and grow as individuals.

All students deserve a teacher who will go above and beyond for them.


Schools are failing students.

Not only should schools focus on educating the students,

Colleges and universities should start teaching teachers how to effectively teach.

Children spend most of their time sitting in a classroom being taught.

All students deserve to have the feeling that they can get to college because they are smart.


The classroom is an important aspect of life for most people.

School experiences help shape the people students are going to become.

Schools can’t always provide money, but they can provide a great education for students.

Students are forced to sit and be influenced in a classroom for about fifteen years, so

Teachers should be trained and continued to be trained in order to give students what they deserve.


All students deserve a chance to learn and believe that they have something to offer this world.



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