All Is Silent

Barren and empty,

she's as dry and worn

as the desert floor.


The cruelty of life

has drained her dry,

but she hasn't lost her soul.

For the heat--in all its intensity--

flickers and sparks into hope.


She looks to the sky

for a tear to cry,

but there lacks even a single cloud.

Lightening cracks, but doesn't make a sound.


She drowns--yet there's no water left on Earth.

She can't deny what she's found,

but how could they forget about her?


Anger from all of those memories

play through her mind like a melody.

Then the thunder rumbles

and the numbness crumbles.


Finally able to breathe in and out,

she screams for air, but it's silent now.


No one is there to answer her call.

It's too late to feel anything at all.


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