All in Silence


I see how you move,

dancing and throbbing like you know 

what it is you go on about.

Throwing around these three words

like its glitzy and glamorous.

And I sit with you,

drinking and smiling and laughing with the crowd.

You're speaking to a dead man

in the world of your beautiful fantasies.

Talk all you want about the yearnings of a heart

and I will scorn you silently.

You dance around a man of pain,

and sacrifice, 

and suffering,

and doing all of these things in silence.

So scream from the balcony all you want, 

you will still waste your breath on a moot point

fueled by ignorance 

and overused qoutes painted across a pretty picture.

If you need me

find me on the roof

and I will show you the consequences of true love

flat on the pavement below

and leave you alone where you stand.



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