All She Has

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 11:42 -- MEPR


She has no clue of her ability,

Of her effect, her femeninity

She knows not what she does

With every luminous stare

Of an emotion so rare

I can't truly understand


She seems to have total possesion

She does, without any intention

Somehow, whenever I'm with her

It's impossible to hide

How she makes my heart stir,

As I slowly, gently guide

My fingers through her hair

When I look into her eyes...


I have been hypnotized for sure

By her beauty,

By her laugh,

By the way she gets mad sometimes,

By the way she plays

By the way she never shies away

By the way she cares

By the things she says

By the way she always gets back on her feet

no matter how many times life brings her down

By her inexplicable abilty to make me believe life is beatiful

whenever I'm with her


Suddenly I see

That power is all she has


Power is all she has... over me



YES!!! good stuff!!!



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