To All The Ones I Loved Before

To all the ones I ever loved,

I felt the sting of your betrayal.

I felt the love you claimed to have.

I know how much time you had to put into building you're mask.

But I have a question.

Is it hard?

Is it hard to hide what you really feel?

Is it hard to fool the ones that have given their time and their energy for you?

Must not be all that hard, you do it all the time.

You take the ones that want love and show then how easy it is to get their hearts shattered. You make sure they can’t trust what they feel again. You make sure they come crawling back to you because you were the only one that was “real” with them.

So I have another question.

Is it easy?

Is it easy to come up with lies off the tip of your tongue and back them up?

Is it easy to remember what you told them so you don’t get caught?

Is it easy to say you're in love and disguise your eyes that tell another story?

You must have it down to an art to keep up this act like you do.

Another question.

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt knowing what you're doing?

Does it hurt you to hurt you're victims?

Does it hurt knowing that you have to keep this up so you don’t get caught?

Does it hurt not feeling anything for the ones you “love”?

It must not, cause you’re free to do what you want to who you want.

You don’t feel any remorse and by the time you do it will be too late, for you and for them.

One more question.

When does it end?


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