All for One, One for All

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 16:52 -- ecimase

We all have a purpose

In this life of ours

It is okay, I suppose

We count down the hours

Each of us is special

With our deepest desires

All of us, love so real

With passions, hot like fire

We can do some alone

That is true if you look

At successes of those

Who, alone, their feelings true

Their ideals rang out

To the world at large

But were they really alone?

Or did they just take charge?

We cannot prosper without others

Their company and feelings

Are not just a bother

To me, or to you

Otherwise, you are cold

Heartless to the plights

Others endure each day

Is there no other way?

For me to express

These feelings of mine

Would it even matter?

If you weren’t there

Because we need

The help of others

Regardless of what

You may say or do

Those feelings you express

Are they really true?

Because we all need

The company of others

These words, you heed

Alone, you will fall

We are humble indeed

All for one, one for all



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