All my Friends Fell

I watched all my friends fall, in and out of old love
Shame took the hardest, and hope hung from a limb
Sadness drowned in her own tears, and anger forgot how to swim
Regret learned to fly, jealousy hit the ground
Lies became real quiet, and honesty discovered sound
I watched all my friends leave, one by one they're gone
Little steps from here to there, to go where they please
Pain learned to walk, and temptation found redemption in the trees
Judgment ran away, from a horrible insecure illness
Past became friends with the present, and gave way to happiness
I watched all my friends grow, from the seeds to big flowers
Leaping tall buildings in one bound, absorbing the world and its powers
Joy tripped and fell, landed on top of broken, and formed strong
Brave decided to take one for the team, comfort soon became wrong
Future learned to dance, and swayed to the rhythm of now
I watched all my friends fall off of me, dripping from my skin
Exiting in waves of rushing emotions,
to only reveal what was within
 -Chloe Aldecoa


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