To All Mothers


Encased in such a tight, warm embrace

We felt the love with every simple touch

Everything we needed flowed through her veins into ours

An intimate between mother and Child

That can be felt by no other

But by they who are connected to each other


Then we got to be held in her arms

Drawn to the sound of her sweet, melodic voice

The only voice that we'd grown to know

We felt her love as she held us close to her heart

She was the one who loved us from the start


As we took our first steps, she didn't want to let go

She was too fearful that we'd fall

With pride in her eyes she helped us pronounce our first words

She was the one who cared for us when we got hurt

As we stumbled along trying to get a hold on life


We wake up to her making us breakfast

She had all our school supplies packed away

She held our hand as we approached the classroom door

And tried not to cry as we began our first day


She watched us grow with love in her eyes

Helping us whenever we needed her

She held us up when we thought we couldn't stand

She showed us the right way to go


When our childhood came to an end,

Our new lives just starting to begin,

She was the one who helped us move into our new dorm and new way of living

She was the one we missed everyday,

We called her because she was way too far away

Nothing was the way it used to be,

Not even food compares to a meal made by her hand


When the time came for us to take our vows

She was the one with the tearful good byes

We wanted to be just like her

And care for the ones we love the way she cared for us


For all the amazing fathers out there

I know this holds true to you, too

You took care of us the best your could

And you watched us grow,

But the truth remains that you still are missing out

On the extreme feeling of love

That comes from the miracle of birth


February 11, 2011


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