All On Me


United States
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That’s all I ever hear is that it’s all up to me It’s up to me to put my family on the map It’s up to me to keep pushing for my dreams until my heart stops It’s up to me to mature and stop acting like a child when things don’t go my way It’s up to me to become a man and deal with life’s issues when no one else can help It’s up to me to either keep my eye on the prize or my eye on this weed and alcohol See the two mixed numb my pain but only for so long See the mind is a powerful thing And when it wants to bring something to your attention it will Got my ex with another guy and I’m just tryna forget My mind runs wild when I think of the two doing the same things we used to This type of pain cannot be real Nobody should ever have to feel how I feel But I messed up with her and now I’m fightin’ to get back Love is war and all I have is my heart


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