all the lines I've heard

your so pretty
you know so much
you look good in everything you put on
a smile looks good on you
why are you single
you seem like a kind person
why would they hurt you
I'm not the same
I'll treat you differently
I wont hurt you
I wont brake my promises
I'll show you how to be treated
you can trust me
you can rely on me
your eyes wont cry anymore
give me a chance
you have lot of guy friends
you have a lot of guys that are after you
why do you have to be so nice
can I trust your friends
can I trust you
you so usto being surrounded by guys
dress only for me
why do you have to look so nice all the time
who are you trying to impress
and you wonder why I dont trust
why I've said I've heard it all
how I can stay calm with my reactions
I dress for myself your approval isn't needed
if I get a compliment that's fine with me there words to make you feel nice about yourself
so why are you taking it as a threat?
I've heard it all



This poem is fantastic! Great job!

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