All I'm saying is...

We’re just a bunch of fools trying to be understood by the world.
Trying to make a difference in our own little ways.
We’re young and ambitious and naïve.
But even if the world seems like a scary place sometimes,
having you by my side makes everything worthwhile.
My love is honest, raw, and passionate
but I’ve been burned before.
What I want is to recreate that kind of love again,
but this time, I don’t want to be blinded by it.
Be filled with love and passion,
And be left with nothing when it ends.
I don’t want my next love to be you;
I want you to be my last.
They say if you want it bad enough,
You should be willing to bleed
and pour your heart out.
So here I am,
telling you everything I feel.
Wishing you will know the intensity
of every I love you spoken
and every tear I cried in your absence.
I want a smile meant only for me.
A love to last a lifetime.
Hugs and kisses on bad days.
And good days, too.
If you’re up for it, then I’ll meet you
at my doorway.
I’ll let you leave
The way I let the others before you
There’d be no begging
at your doorsteps.
No vague, drunk texts
to tell you I missed you.
I’ll let you leave.
But please don’t go yet.
Here I am again
falling deeply in love.
I’m trying so hard to be level-headed
because I’m afraid.
Afraid that this will be like the last.
Months of suffering and pain –
after a short period of bliss.
When love fails,
I always remember the first guy
who broke my heart.
I know better now.
I know love fades eventually.
But the heart can heal itself.
you’ll just wake up one day and realize,
it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.
All I’m saying is that,
you have my heart, ALL OF IT...
Please don’t break it...

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