All I Want for Christmas is...

Christmas just around the corner.

Holidays both near and far.

Celebrations everywhere now,

So why do I feel so left out?

Don't have anywhere to go,

Feeling lost and all alone, 

Oh what can I do,

When all I want for Christmas is...


Santa opens up the mail

to see an empty Christmas list.

"I may not know what I want, I

just know that I don't want this."

Nothing sits under the tree, 

All that's left is, well, there's me.

But there's nothing left to do,

Cuz all I want for Christmas is...


No one special waits for me.

Guess I'll hang with family,

But even those plans don't work out,

Leaving me alone, in doubt.

Wondering if it's even worth it,

Should I celebrate this Christmas?

I don't know what to do,

All I want for Christmas is...


At least there's one hope this season,

Something to look forward to.

The holidays are not meaningless.

They're about the Savior's birth,

To remember far and wide

A manger with the Lord inside.

I might celebrate too.

For all I want this Christmas is...


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