All I Want

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 10:25 -- Vcorpus

I want those late nights at sonic where a milkshake and conspiracy theories is all we need

I want to sit on my front porch at three in the morning, trying not to laugh too loud because my mom is sleeping 

I want to lay on my bed after a date and feel like I have solved all the problems in the world 

I want to dance badly with you and enjoy it 

I want to think of a future with you; our house, our kids, our love’s fate

I want to amplify car rides and sing Led Zeppelin songs out of tune

I want to listen to your thoughts and let your words eagerly wrap around me 

I want to feel icy fire inside my heart when you say my name

I want to see your smile daily like a rising sun

Most of all, I want to be there, for and with you 

for life’s moments served on a silver platter

or moments served with poison

I want to grow old with you

I want to die by your side 

I want to leave as your happiness

your saddness

your everything 

Because I Love You. . . 


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