All I See

I hate looking into her eyes,

they tell nothing but lies.

I hate her perfectly shaped pouts,

insulting me with every shout.

I hate her little insulting smirks,

who knew one small gesture could cause so much hurt?

I hate her cold, cruel laughs,

making me feel less than half.

I hate how fickle she can be,

making my mind go crazy.

I hate her way of curing pain,

I wish to never see another piece of metal again.

I hate how she calls me weak,

I already feel worthless and bleak.

I hate how she doesn't give a damn,

when I fall, she never lends a hand.

I hate how she ignores my cries,

the least she could do is comfort me with lies.

I hate how lonesome she makes me feel,

just thoughts of her can make her real.

I hate how she hates me,

but in the mirror, this is all I see...

Poetry Slam: 



I like how the poem sounds like it is talking about someone else, but really she is referring to herself. Her rhyme scheme mad it flow together smoothly, making it easy to read. Overall it was an amazing poem.


Thank you very much :3


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