All I need is you

All I need is to feel at home, which is how I feel when we're on the phone. All I need is your gentle touch and the soothing voice I miss so much. All I need is to see your face to remind me that I have a place. Sometimes you're gone and sometimes your here, but I can't help wanting you near. You brighten my days and pierce the nights. You love me even when we fight. You part the waters and calm the storms in a way that no one else has done before. You know the things nobody else knows like how I cry when it no longer snows. Our bond is stronger than diamond and steel, sometimes have to make sure you are real. I love you more than the ocean loves sand and without your support I could not stand. All I need are your hands in mine and to look in the eyes that cause a ripple in time. You stop my heart and ignite my soul your name starts a fire and your words supply coal. You make me feel warm as the sun in the sky and without you near I think I might die. I have your heart and you have mine. The best I can do is give you these rhymes. I know that each day you wish you were dead and I know that there's war raging inside your head, but I need you too fight and you must stay strong because in a world without you, then all hope would be gone. So combat your demons and I will fight too in hopes that I'll spend all my life with you. I know what they say and I know how it hurts, but I'll take your weight and carry the burden. Nobody's perfect yet we are told to try, but our attempts will always just make us cry. I am who I am and the same goes for you, the person I would give all I have to. I wish you were here so I could read you these words, but you've flown away like the summer birds, flying high and flying free I hope that you don't forget about me. We are not lovers, but we are best friends, a bond that will last until the end

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