All I Need in This World is My Dog Chance

All I Need In This World Is My Dog Chance…
Have you ever loved something so much that you know you need it?
It may not be human, but you have to care for and feed it.
The love is immeasurable, yet maintained,
It is not unreasonable and easily attained;
My love for it is comparable to my mother’s love for me,
For I will go above and beyond for it you see;
What is it that I so adore? The one thing that I will do anything for…
My amazing dog Chance!
Chance is not just any dog or pet, he is much more;
Whether I am happy or sad, Chance is always there wagging his tail at my door.
Chance has been my best friend since I was seven,
And I want him to be with me, even when I go to heaven;
No matter if I were stranded on a deserted island and could not prance,
All I need in this world is my amazing dog Chance!

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