All I Need Is A Friend

All I need's a friend,
Someone to talk to at days end.
If the day was long and tiring,
Being with her can leave me smiling .
The island can be dry or cold,
But with her the time will never grow old.
A book can be a good choice to bring,
But the story is only about one thing,
With a friend stories can be old and new,
A journal can be a good choice for you.
But with all my new stories I have someone to tell them to.
If we argue and get into a fight,
The bond we have will last the night.
I have her back through thick and thin,
She and I will always win.
Right now we don’t talk every day,
but when we do we talk and play.
And with my choice to bring a friend,
This my poem, has now reached its end.
With her now and this I know,
That these last 2 lines will show.
With her here it can change this island,
Into a place with a hidden diamond.


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